Personal Message from Jamie

An open letter from Jamie talking about her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. 

Over the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many of you on a personal level. 

After simply learning your regular orders, it has turned into learning about your work, families, children, and hobbies. It is a delight every time a familiar face walks in the door and we get to catch up in the couple of minutes while you wait for your order. It is these moments that makes all of our hard work and long days worth it.

Now, I come to you with a request. Several months ago, just after my wedding, I received an alarming diagnosis. After ignoring numbness throughout my body for some time, it was confirmed that I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. MS is a chronic disease of the nervous system which interrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body. In my search for answers I have joined the National MS Society. On September 27, I will participate in the City to Shore Bike Ride. Along with my sister, Jacqueline, who also suffers from MS, we will ride to Ocean City, New Jersey to raise awareness and fund invaluable research. We will ride on a team with our husbands and friends as they support us in our daily struggles, and certainly on this journey.

Any donation, small or large, is greatly appreciated. Below is a link to my fundraising page. The National MS Society cannot continue its crucial work without events like this and your support. My family and I will do everything we can to ensure their success and we wait, hope and pray for a solution to this unpredictable and disabling disease.

Donate here:

Thank you,


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