About Eat-A-Pita

IMG_7348In 1992, Eat-A-Pita made its debut in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Ralph Kane, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and Jamie Kelly Steenson, a Drexel University trained chef spent many summers working at the flagship restaurant.  We have also worked at such reputable Philadelphia restaurants as Fork, City Tap House, Field House and Cooperage.

We believe Philadelphia is on the forefront of the food revolution, and wanted to bring something understated and different to the table. We are proud that Eat-A-Pita offers quick and healthy options without sacrificing taste, quality, or price.

We were drawn to the pita concept because it’s an all encompassing tasty meal that is easy to carry and immensely satisfying. For Philadelphian’s on the go, there is no better healthy quick service option.

The heart and soul of The Eat-A-Pita concept is the “Pick Your Own Pita” menu.  Guests can “pick” their own PROTEIN, PRODUCE, and POUR – the key ingredients in the pita.

PROTEINS are all prepared daily in-house, such as Rotisserie Chicken, Slow-Roasted Turkey Breast, and Tuscan Tuna Salad.

Guests are encouraged to stuff their Pita with all 9 PRODUCE options.  However, they may select only a few of their favorites.

We know that sauces make Pitas even tastier; we give our guests their POUR on the side so they may add a small amount to every bite.  Each POUR recipe is made in-house daily from the freshest, healthiest ingredients.  Often time’s sauces can add large amounts of additional calories, not so at Eat-A-Pita, we have created POURS that are flavorful and not filled with empty calories.

If “Pick Your Own Pita” isn’t your thing, no worries, you can “Pick From Our Pitas”, a menu of some of our favorites.

We also offer salads, you can “Pick Your Own Salad” or you can “Pick From Our Salads” either way, you’re sure to be satisfied with the fresh, crisp, delicious ingredients and dressings.

In addition to our in-house menu we also offer a standard catering menu and are very happy to do customized menus for any special needs that you may have.




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